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What if I tell you a monotonous story of life embedded with Vedanta Philosophy, the immediate reaction will be to opine oh is it about a sage who leave behind the Samsara? (bondage). Well, it is not about that at all. Firstly, am thankful to the author to share his physical copy for free. I am bowled over his execution that categorized even for laymen understanding like me. Secondly, the story covers the everyday nuances of life with a philosophical analysis and this is done by blending spirituality with rationality. It serves with right portions and simplicity at its best. I have heard the essence of Mandukya Upanishad discourse before, but it was through this book I could relate and analyse the concept of ‘Viswa’, ‘Virat’, and ‘Turiyam’ states of sleep. My salutations to the author for his great efforts on bestowing this knowledge and will refer them constantly for self reflections.


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This is about a sage who lived for 160 years in Kolkata, India and spent most of his life in various Himalayan caves. The arduous process of Hatha yoga practices imparted by his guru Bagawan shows how much training a disciple endures. It is exhilarating to visualise the sumeru mountain descriptions and miraculous healing of a person’s illness. The following statement from the book is intriguing and hope it stirs the same effects for others. “The Gita is not a reading material to be read as a matter of routine. You must become the Gita. That is the entire purpose of the Gita”.

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