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This book isn’t about the methods of transcendental meditation techniques rather its use is narrowed to celebrity name dropping and the succession in their respective fields. I find Bob Roth’s path towards TM lacks the pursuant skills, perhaps it is more to do with the experiencing factors? It is appealing to get a glimpse into Katy Perry views on TM and the dozing off details during the sessions were an eye opener to me. Probably am doing the same without knowing it!😉 How about others? Any insights about this book is welcomed.


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Breathe in the hold,

Focus on the expansion and contraction,

Check the impulse of eternal robustness,

While space discover within one self,

The ever presence omniscient existence,

Away from its reflected prefixes,

Pave ways for a peaceful banters,

Thus erodes the egoistical identity “I” in the flame of spiritual wisdom.


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This is about a sage who lived for 160 years in Kolkata, India and spent most of his life in various Himalayan caves. The arduous process of Hatha yoga practices imparted by his guru Bagawan shows how much training a disciple endures. It is exhilarating to visualise the sumeru mountain descriptions and miraculous healing of a person’s illness. The following statement from the book is intriguing and hope it stirs the same effects for others. “The Gita is not a reading material to be read as a matter of routine. You must become the Gita. That is the entire purpose of the Gita”.

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