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Something got into me to explore various philosophical themes of nonfiction books at a stretch. Started with Heidegger and now Derrida, I must admit that this author has delivered what they have promised to offer with less taxing excerpts. The concept of deconstruction is quite complex with un-decidability as the core which might be hard to apply the logic in the everyday stance. May be this is my personal view here, but undeniable of its application to linguistics elements. Is Derrida’s thoughts are like nihilism by any chance or a directive of transcendental solipsism. Either ways good to embrace the revolutionary thinking to succeed in a metaphysical procedure. The quote such as “Writing is a remedy for deficient memory and limited wisdom” and “As for wisdom, you offer your students a mere appearance of it, not the reality” shows his conceptual elaboration and intrusive thought seeding skills. So as an introduction this book serves right. Simply go for it without any second thoughts.


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This book isn’t about the methods of transcendental meditation techniques rather its use is narrowed to celebrity name dropping and the succession in their respective fields. I find Bob Roth’s path towards TM lacks the pursuant skills, perhaps it is more to do with the experiencing factors? It is appealing to get a glimpse into Katy Perry views on TM and the dozing off details during the sessions were an eye opener to me. Probably am doing the same without knowing it!😉 How about others? Any insights about this book is welcomed.

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