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It is always fun to read a mystery book with elements of interesting characters, twisted behaviors and unpredictable endings such a storytelling keeps me on the edge. This puzzling feeling is something I look into whenever I lay my hands on thriller novels. However slim the case may be apparently vary in execution styles. After all benefit of doubt is where the entire playwright weighs upon. Here comes this story which ticks all the above points and feeds the curious reader’s mind. What more to ask? To be honest, Agatha is well versed in articulating characters that are unique, mysterious and irresistible to fall in love. This is how I could interpret her creativity and hope to have made a reasonable impact to lure you sneak into her works. If you deemed so, than share your thoughts on this book.


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Amazon.com: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life  (9780143130727): García, Héctor, Miralles, Francesc: Books

This book shares some amazing advises experienced by the centenarians and their choices that have worked to sustain for the longer well being. The concept of having a purpose in life is explained in a simple manner and takes Japan’s Okinawa place as an example. It explains how achieving a purpose if too basic to our skill set, we will likely get bored and the same applies if we already know everything a book has to tell. So balance is the key and with a bit of stretching allow to challenge your abilities. Not many talk about the purpose of living or entertain religious fiasco, but in order to get satisfaction it is important to identify what we hope to find and execute in life. Let me share the mantra used in the book.

1. Knowing what to do

2. Knowing how to do it

3. Knowing how well you are doing

4. Knowing where to go( where navigation is involved)

5. Perceiving significant challenges

6. Being free from distractions

While reading it made me want to visit Japan and include in my to-do list. I really don’t want to leave this book it touched my heart.

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The oasis of dreams scuttles the mind vastness,

Holds the primordial cup for vacuuming the holy mess,

So true hushed morality and follows the devils perils,

Here am awakened with a bundle of hurdles,

With complying nodes the inner surreal,

Plays the unrequited seer!


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Buy Trial by Silence Book Online at Low Prices in India | Trial by Silence  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

I was wondering how to bring into words and express the views of this book. It is beyond the tenacity of my judgement as every character is enlivened and focused on their outlooks. However, the story is a continuation of the earlier parts, each part can be a stand alone on its own. It is immensely challenging to talk about a taboo topic and narrate it to laymen terms. The author must have the required exposures or deep insights to keep it appealing to the readers. For instance, one may find the uncle character Nallayan in every family and his talks initiate the philosophical toast. Whether it is a belief system, working of country community, muses of the agrarian economy, tasty village palettes or the predicament of the couple’s intimacy all join hands together to create a profound impact. Having two ending is sending a metaphor for the upcoming creative minds or that’s how it made me feel. If you ask me which ending suits better I would opt for the previous part’s which is way more blissful than this one. So highly recommended read blindly go for it.

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Buy One Part Woman Book Online at Low Prices in India | One Part Woman  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

The nuances of a childless couple in the countryside and their affinity is covered in a bold manner in this book. The characters Kali and Ponna is etched like a tailor made clothing for the author perceptions. Ironically the way society operates can be too intimidating and freedom-less, so this is what is offered in heavy portions bridging the various folkloric tales. It was Nallayyan’s character that leaves an everlasting impression by his fearless nature towards life. Perumal Murugan chose a subject that is either controversial or conspicuous to the readers. Also,not many would like this story and the end is left to the reader’s interpretations which causes an unsatisfied feeling.

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Buy The Great Mistake: A novel Book Online at Low Prices in India | The  Great Mistake: A novel Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

This story is about Andrew’ rise of fame and a mystery behind his unexpected demise. The logical reason is cultivated by observing the circumstances and is what Andrew to have excelled. It is a rarity to come across mutuality between Andrew and Samuel during the novel’s timeframe. The construction works of Brooklyn bridge to Bronx zoo is netted to define the political system chores which are informative. Some discussions of Andrew invokes deeper insights into a philosophy of life without divine scrutiny. The following statements made me ponder and laugh – “It is the absence of thinking that is erroneous and gives rise to errors”. “Is his wife still unwell, Andrew? Yes. She says she contracted matrimony in 1822 and has been suffering the symptoms ever since”. “Keeping such a project free from the influence of job very would be like trying to persuade clouds to stay away from the sun”. Totally loved it.

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The Burden of Miracle in Poonachi: or the Story of a Black Goat | The Daily  Star

I have finished this book in a single sitting and hope it answers the review am about to give. This book is penned by a Tamil author and originally published in the Tamil language. Nowhere the adaptation lacks and it delivers the freshness as pledged. From the main characters to all the species involved tackles some of the philosophical questions of existence, breeding and self attribution. The ending might wreck some of the faint-hearted and thus remains the echoes of poonachi’s bleats forever.

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