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The story talks about a friend’s experience with deals promoted on a newspaper. It all started with a simple enthusiasm of finding a good gift set for the upcoming welcome party. She went through various newspaper advertisements and as well as some from online, perhaps, was unlucky finding suitable’s to her needs. Finally the day came on a weekend, she got hold of a coupon, that perfectly fit her bill so pleased to check it up with the mentioned stores. Before that let us analyze the below points first –

a) Necessary for the purchase

b) Desperation to get noticed for the gesture

c) Searching for a jackpot deal

d) Entitled to Praiseworthy comments

Hope there are no omissions, coming back to the story, she went to the stores that was already crowded with announced offers on various items, here again check the below facts

1)Rushing through the crowd

2)Stress factors

So now with all the hurry, she found the required items and walked with great smile into the payment queue, dreaming about her gifts, her pride, her recognition’s only to get blown away by the cashier. What happened next was never anticipated by the friend. It seems the cost of the items were not totally covered by the coupon, apart from that coupon has placed a text called “Conditions Apply” that can only be seen with a magnified lens. She gulped with disbelief and could not assimilate the outcome. Coming back to the questioning mode where to look at this situation and was it all imperative?

Try asking ourselves the above question before proceeding with shopping mood. She was so desperate that she refused to think clearly about the facts involved in promoting such offers. Whom to blame for her actions, how far can a person travel towards getting such desired deals? These are the questions that require some serious answers.

Let us understand that retailers use the term “Conditions Apply” as a strategy to sell their products or can we say as a marketing jargon. Whatever the repercussions it is evident that it is inclined to push the scapegoat like us (consumer) to buy and also can be interpreted in favor of the shoppers that “Beware there are some hidden costs to be borne by us”. Either way it is a blunt hogwash which works well as a negative marketing.

For example a reputed jeweler placed an Ad for selling a kundan set at 5000 rupees* (*used as a conditions apply) and after inquiry it is known that complete cost is about 15000 rupees. Would not wish to scrap off 1 digit from the cost to have the desired item? So this is how the deals work in the sales arena. Before making any purchases question about the validity of the shopping. Is it being compulsive or was it an obsession? Either way the choice lies with us.

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Get this one says Manisha, what about dazzling gem on the fancy aisle ask Shobha, phew such a great amount to browse the plethora of things, wish I can be bargained, aren’t these a regular chat we hear it out during shopping?

The first thing that pops up while awake on the weekend would be to get ready for the shopping spree. The energy levels are usually doubled at this time and are uncompromising for anything. Think about walking with a new boot on and its joy able experience, the different colors from a variety of clothes sending an invitation for a hugging. Echoes of “Try me on”  approaching from every angle and forcing to get away from these Glitterati is how a perfect plan is edged.

Looking ahead for a party that is happening in a while, the most fun part is to see the reaction from the people around you for your vogue and making a statement through your attire is somewhat mesmerizing. This further drags us to a nearby mall whenever a deal is announced or even getting a gift for a friend requires big research. If wardrobes have mouth to express their feelings, it would have cried badly asking to organize all the items at least once in a while. That many categories one may find in it and such a time consuming to choose when in need! Apart from it, books are another such collections which keep on piling up that might need a purchase of a additional book rack sooner or later. Waiting for the Durjoy datta’s new book that has been ordered couple of days ago. It gives such a great pleasure of being first  to read the book and can share the review to my friends as well. Love to see their expressions on the FB (face book).

Last week amazon has put up some great offers on electronic gadgets that is mind blowing, in fact have added up to the cart. Online shopping is such a great comfort to shop from our own pace and can avoid the overcrowd queue to the changing rooms. Though spring is still sparkling on us, winter is getting closer every day. It’s time to get out for shopping and start filling your wardrobe with the most essential looks for the upcoming season.

Women’s styling is a lot more complex than a men’s trend, shopping is the only way to accomplish this. A couple of women like to shop. Some don’t. Some utilization it as kind of entertainment, others as a type of socialization. Nevertheless, shopping plazas and shopping centers are for the most part favorable, sensibly safe spots for people to hang out and is seen as a social activity. On the off chance that you don’t purchase anything, it’s a modest way to kill a couple of hours with close mates too.

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