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As the title suggests it is a manifesto presenting the art of staying lonely and combating hardships of leading the life. It isn’t a space, fictional romance flick rather surprises you with unexpected twists and turns. The names of spaceship “Infinity” and “Eternity” deserves special mention as it provokes to question ones conscience. I feel the Romy character to be abundant while the other characters do justice as imparted. Truly gripping and highly addictive imho.


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From the buzzing sounds of nature,
silences lead the way,
orifice of internal passage,
endures the deep thoughts,
inspires you to crawl and learn,
until dug into the infinite path,
ahead find the vision of effervescent,
negate illusion on the line,
choose the imperial ones,
which reveals by its own god particle “I” the illuminated awareness.

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Breathe in the hold,

Focus on the expansion and contraction,

Check the impulse of eternal robustness,

While space discover within one self,

The ever presence omniscient existence,

Away from its reflected prefixes,

Pave ways for a peaceful banters,

Thus erodes the egoistical identity “I” in the flame of spiritual wisdom.


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The darkness is encapsulated within cosmic space,

Many sheltered inside the infinite place,

Quenched to reciprocate from your gaze,

Lightning echoes through the maze,

Seizes the seeker of mortal face,

Into the mysterious black hole glaze!


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