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Each step carries a whole weight,

Not even once earth has complained.

Journeys come and go on time,

Within a span actions are done.

Duration change in perspectives of life,

what is now might alter later.

Reaching is all one cares about,

thus leaving the encounter at stake.

Focus on lesson for an adventure,

see yourself to understand its gift.

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Need for a hassle free life?

From theory of a demanding strife!

Matured are those who can balance,

Gifted with a luck or valiance.

Night or day goes same pattern,

Feared of ending as a patron.

Dreams are meant to be conquered,

With a constant trial and mirrored.

Name and Fame tag along wherever,

Till the party pulls the lever.

Struggling gives a meaning to action,

Ray’s lead to show its reaction.

Answers are everywhere, to be found,

These are words from the wound.

Give and take is a policy,

Not for those who assume easy.

Avoid the life like a dictum,

Come out of being a victim.

Hope for better in the future,

Don’t see it as a rupture.

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“Looking back on,

Passions withheld me.

Routes were plighted,

Steps pace lightened,

Thoughts stayed dangle,

Simple plans strangle.

Lived in rests,

Facing these tests.

Here Am I,

Inked on why?

Happened to few,

Nothing a new.

Power of Inspiration,

Decides this nation.

Leading the way,

To gladsome ray.

Being a writer,

Made life brighter.

Believe in yourself,

And prove oneself”


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