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Who says graphical novels are cherished by the children and the young people alone? Let me break it to you that I am a married women and equally admire the illustration based books. Even though it gives me the guilt of not reading such books in the past, but still fulfills my desire to explore them as much I want. However, it baffles me to find that various science fiction stories have not been inspected yet which makes me feel saddened. The concept of travelling to mars and the astronaut’s difficulties are explained with complimenting sketches. So everything is envisioned fine except the talks between astronauts which were chaotic in some places. If you ignore them will be a complete fun package here.


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This is a cobweb of stories narrated with a tight screenplay. At the start the characters of Daniel, Tim laid out like a biography, which slowly drags into the vacuum of another story line and so on. The part of Sergei character introducing the actual protagonist Irena Sertorian of a dystopian world in the middle portions of this novel is worth a standing ovation. The only place I felt a bit dragging were when Irena meet her replica Rosa and the details of the apparatus. In fact, it resembled like how the Cooper character gets discovered at the end of the Interstellar movie. Overall a story to check oneself in the shoes of Irena territory and her visions.

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