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The author has instilled what she wanted to convey through the medium of poems. A poem in which heroism is replaced with pseudo romantic masquerades. It is an attempt to a conscious deliverance of living beyond the poetic representation. Her poem is not a propaganda symposium as it is led to be believed rather buried in motto in the imaginations of its presentation only to be awoken by the depth of unimaginable experience. Well, the author is of Russian origin whose visionary, fusion of literal precision, parables have quenched my crawling thirst for literature. This work has hammered everlasting impression to me.


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I find the Iranian poetess to be clumsy of having a composure instead desirous in satisfying her inner demons. First have to thank the translator for the effort of capturing the convincing outlook since many fail to bring the true essence of original book. Each verse reflects the wavering perturbed of sexuality, including the perils of sin, divinity and addiction. This line is echoing in my mind and admit its recklessness – “Tired of being a prude, I’d seek Satan’s bed at midnight and find refuge in the declivity of breaking laws. I’d happily exchange the golden crown of divinity for the dark, aching embrace of a sin”. What I find appalling is the phrasing attempts during the post shah era and the scandals of her polygamy affairs. So give it a go and sneak in to know the hype behind this poetess.

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I find Chetan Bhagat has toned his writings from romantic novels to mystery genre which hints that he is widening his skill set or maybe its just my view. Coming to this story, it is a routine fare of finding a missing girl and how the detective traces forms the crux of this case. Well, the pace was good, but the relationship between the detective and the victim’s mother was dramatic and full of Chetan’s romantic strokes. The ending wasn’t pleasing enough for the perpetrator character and lacks the desirable punch and validity to justice and felt flattened! Otherwise, the book is a nice time pass for the hobbyists.

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I have read Debbie’s book called ‘Quiet girl in a noisy world’ and her views deeply reflect on the pictorial illustrations. And she knows what to offer to the catered audience and I think she has done her job perfectly well. The nuance of a couple’s life is depicted beautifully on this book. Starting from proposing to marital status is toasted with extreme care and precision. I admire the humor elements discussed in here and could relate myself at many places. I loved it to the core and feel satisfied. 🙂

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This book was recommended on the Reddit app comment section and here goes my review of it. By seeing the title I assumed that it will be a romantic flick but I was wrong. This is about discovering oneself as a person holistically and ensure to live life to the fullest. Though the narrative resembles some of ‘P.S l love you’ and ‘My grandmother asked me to tell you sorry’ story line. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for its ending, which will surprise the readers. For this reason alone, I am smitten by Arthur Pepper.

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I chanced upon this book from the Reddit App book groups, but never bothered to check it’s published timeline until now. It is highly commendable to foresee the life of a nightclub singer during that period (1935), from juggling between 3 different lover’s throughput a governess who is flipped into poverty whereby carries a better judgement on the opposite sexuality and acumen of life. What happens when these two character meets is the crux of this story line. The flirting of Tony and Pettigrew tickles the bones unlike the intimidating nature of nick which causes annoyance. I believe it is petty to miss such a satisfying cocktail experience. Simply go for it and cherish its hilarious moments.

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You are an apple of my Eye,

Do not wish to bid you Bye.

Can I call you as an Aye?

Hope your hair is not a Dye!

Does your favorite food consist of Rye?

Cause I can work as a Spy!

You are Indeed My oh My

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I am in no exception when falling in love. Like most of the people, started on a friendly banter which migrated to an emotional roller coaster ride. Not only the cultural background was different, but primary ideologies stayed apart from the rest of the society.

We both were visiting a temple when I lost my slippers. He offered me his and walked barefoot. Till then was thinking have liked him, but that was the time have actually fallen for him. The first gift that I got from him was “Kindle” gadget, followed by iPad and books each year.

Was socialite earlier and planted a permanent scar on the loved ones that gave them to judge about myself. After marriage, came to know socialite do not confine to gatherings alone, moments of potentiality too counts. Normally those who attend spiritual discourses were branded to religious category in our society but the first place we visited was “Sri Ramakrishna Mutt” and first gathering was for eminent spiritual orator’s.

The uniqueness he brought cannot be expressed in words, the happiness we share is of different kind. This does not mean we share similar interest rather we both have opposites. His interest is Formula One in sports, Man Vs Wild from National Geographic channel, whereas mine is of English shows, movies and documentaries.

Once we went for a hair cut in a salon where one of the stylists made a sarcastic statement on my haircut, then my husband immediately went to the manager and rebuked about it. That was the second time I ended up falling in love. These were never planned, it just happened to me and the love was really in the air.

Love is not about gifting expensive things, keeping promises or showing up on time. It is more about respecting as an individual, be caring, accepting the inevitable and moving on with life as it is. Well, this ink is my love to my other half and hope this journey never ends.

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love or disorder

Three beautiful words,

having the power to make or break the heart,

some try to misuse its meaning,

some act as its end.

Liking or not does not matter for the insane,

It is an opportunity to understand and respect individual thoughts.

Brings openness among those who care,

either makes fall for it or remain lost in the game.

More than expression silences do the talk,

of late persuasive leading the way.

Illogical feelings cannot give the desired happiness,

but if the feelings are true will always come back.

Hurts bad when the proposal gets rejected,

far better than hurting through obsessions.

Love is to give than to get, so try to know the difference and let it go.

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This is my first poetry writing and appreciate your views.

Warmth is your touch while moisture still lingers,

A poignant scene to live for:

Who says this can weaken my fingers,

Isn’t your sheer presence an armor.

The mist of absence is showered everywhere,

Let’s gather round the fire and sing:

Am not sane to build this mare,

We’re like a bird with the wing.

Dreams are shadowing now and then,

Hoping to remain as your prime:

Retribution will come in the hen,

Then be not quiet except use your time.

My soul is waiting longer,

To open the heart to you:

Thus making me stronger,

For your point of view.

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