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May be an image of text that says 'AÅvamedha The The Rite and its Logic Subhash Kak'

The potential of Ashwamedha sacrifice and its iconic ritual associated with the process are discussed in this book. Little background on the author, Subhash Kak works as a professor at Louisiana State University and exponent of Vedic philosophy. Well, here the rites are represented as a symbolic form rather than vague descriptions. Its connection between the transcendence of the sun and the king entwined by the lord’s source of energy. This further adds up the spiritual cause that stands apart in the ladder of consensus. Either way the scriptural connoisseur may find the reference solid and deviant according to their inquiry. But the explanation of the building of an altar and astronomical relations displays the amount of research done by the author and is highly laudable. From the setting of bricks on the altar to diagrams of sacrificial placement are finely depicted in this book. However, I do not wish to concise, every detail, as it will lose the charm of the book, but I can assure you that will keep you insightful. Not many have written about this unique Ashwamedha Yagna (A ritual sacrifice) but admirable for the author to have invested time to articulate the facts and deserves diligence for his valuable inputs. I truly appreciate and highly recommend this book.


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