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I do not wish to repeat the story line, which many would have shared its details and views, but to me the exercises at the end of the each section keeps it attentive and entertained. Activity driven texts gives a sense of measuring the comprehension skills which keeps the assimilation in check. When you get the answers right will indeed raise the confidence, but all pays well with the appropriate layouts, language and questionnaires combined together can bring the effectiveness in learning. I find this book meets all the above requirements and delivers its best. Not to forget the thriller elements it offers so stay put and happy reading.

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This book is not a memoir of Machiavelli life, but covers his political views, liberal beliefs and his reasons to why Italy failed to progress in terms of personal greed. His comparison with Roman empire draws a conclusion on how religious institutions have played to promote their civic culture and suggests to implement the same strategy on Italian socialism. Why do I find Machiavelli’s fancies the constitution of Rome instead, whereas minimal with the barbarians in Italy? Historical facts are argued enough, apparently one sided so it is hard to conclude but good to hear their thoughts.

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I have read a few of graphical books in the past but this is the first time to explore on science fiction end. The Utopian world of ozone effects are illustrated with hilarious names, the background nuances are projected with firm acuity. A story of a newly arrived couple in the Utopian world and its harsh climate is captured to deliver the intended message of global warming. Writings such as “Ain’t no city like generosity” and “Shit house” ad board on the camper muses the story development. Thought seeding and recommended read. Let me know what do you think.

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I learned how the mental illness is berated and still find its issues are deafened. It saddens me to resemble the fate of many silent sufferers and baffles that only when something pertinent is surfaced the focus fades away in the burning problems on hand. Modern psychology gains awareness from the predecessor’s psychological issues of that era and shows the importance of analyzing, then traumas, agony, solitary confinement faced by the world war survivors. This tells us that mental diseases do not cause by chemical imbalances alone since there is no legitimacy claims to prove it. I love this thought seeding point “”Wellness” is too often a thin sugarcoating applied to the bitter pill that late capitalism has prescribed us”. I had a memorable read of this book and request all to check the nuggets of wisdom in here.

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The story is based on an author ‘John Rothstein’ who has a enumerable fans worldwide. What happens when an addictive reader step in and change the fate of the author’s life? How far the fan would go? I liked the cop portions where the story gets intriguing and learned the reader’s mindset from this novel.

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I chose this book randomly without knowing that this is part of the series. So may be this could be the reason for giving three star rating!? This story is about hunting the perpetrator who is responsible for the killings of wealthy elders who resides on the assisting living home. He has a partner in crime who works as his sex mate and the nurse in the facility. How nameless nabs them is the nutshell of the story. I do normally like the Dean Koontz style but this did not stir any impressions and wonder if I had read the prior parts then how could’ve made a difference? So, the work is not that bad but could’ve been more gripping is my opinion.

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I have fancied some books of Haruki Murakami followed by Keigo Higashino and this will be the third Japanese author whose work has grabbed my total attention. What is it to have known a culprit upfront and devour for the right execution of vengeance? Well, the story sits on this foundation and imagine each offering their perspectives, thus leaving the room for the readers to decide. And the ending was truly impressive as the suspense is rightly acknowledged.

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The virtue of life plays sound with a cacophony of immaturity,

Forever illumines glitter of the lord and remain silence on its purity,

Sleepless tosses and turns underground where inner reaction fears the insecurity,

Hail an active observer on the ground by escaping the phony posterity,

Thus, gloats the macro cosmic vitality!


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Some banter about life experiences as if is readily available for quoting “life is full of adventuresome”, Similarly, books are that source which can have various layers to show. It takes you for a ride through a dream world where many characters, scenarios, events pass across like a wind in the air. When bad things happen in one’s life, it acts like an energy booster and gives you that hope to succeed in life. Every successful person will have an inspiration ranging from intra personal characters to a famous personality, it is through them we get nourished. But there are others who regret about not getting the desired goals and are blended with destiny. Here comes Mr Book who can open up to fresh possibilities or can we say to a nice feeling. This is not a campaign story for a new worms perhaps a ticking time bomb. One of my unemployed friend was gifted with a book called “who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson, it turned her life into a miracle. Many wonder what caused this change, if asked nothing at all from her end. It changed her perspective of seeing things. Likewise, many of our inspirations are driven by reading some of the great books. Not to forget our magical world given by JK Rowling or taste of Britain families highlighted on “Pride and Prejudice”, are truly evident from the genre of books. How many of you have gone to sip coffee while reading Agatha Christie novels? Whenever Miss Marple does on “A murder is announced”, doesn’t make you hungry? Well these feelings are priceless to me, how about others. Like a mixed snack with dry fruits, all sorts of solution are embedded in a collection of parchments called a book. Well presenting a few of inspired quotes for the reference.

Don’t read success stories, you will get only message, Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success

– APJ Abdul Kalam

Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.

-Abraham Lincoln

To sum it up, the books will make you dream, develop feeling, raise your hopes and forget about your regrets.

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