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You are an apple of my Eye,

Do not wish to bid you Bye.

Can I call you as an Aye?

Hope your hair is not a Dye!

Does your favorite food consist of Rye?

Cause I can work as a Spy!

You are Indeed My oh My

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Girls always love to be Cared,

Boys always love to be Dared.

Girls are observant in Culture,

Boys are observant in Nurture.

Girls get impressed by Boys Venture,

Boys get impressed by Girls Vesture.

Girls will say “I Love You”,

Boys will say “I Allow You”.

Definitely Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!

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“Looking back on,

Passions withheld me.

Routes were plighted,

Steps pace lightened,

Thoughts stayed dangle,

Simple plans strangle.

Lived in rests,

Facing these tests.

Here Am I,

Inked on why?

Happened to few,

Nothing a new.

Power of Inspiration,

Decides this nation.

Leading the way,

To gladsome ray.

Being a writer,

Made life brighter.

Believe in yourself,

And prove oneself”


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Thistle is the name given to You,

Castles are the part of your History:

In depth surrounded by a scenic View,

What else left to reveal your Story?

Pierced by umpteen inlets from the Sea,

Most of the notables are called Loch:

Endowed with streams and easy to Flee,

Nobody can miss it’s nature’s best Moch.

Valleys are named as glen in Irish,

Bagpipers and Kilts are a clan Name:

Dramatic in expression and bold in Flourish,

It’s easy to love their football Game.

Ideas are explored and enliven in Inverness,

Durness prides with traditional values and Styles:

How not to admire their cultural Dress?

Cause can meet new people with Smiles.

Breathtaking visuals defines the Isle of Skye,

Mountains and tiny fishing villages are Haunting:

With these memories I close my Eye,

Yet isn’t alone the dream ‘m Wanting!

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Roads rippled in look, paths narrow around nook.

Smell of an earth, with shortness of breath.

The spectacle turns hazy, rain showers in lazy.

Entered the sunny cottage, stared at extreme wattage.

Lobby glittered with lights, and welcome bids polite.

There stood the view, unspoken of the blue.

Planned for the day, excited about this stay.

Morning breeze blows over, echoed to push over.

Cuckoo whacked from buzzing, the voice of parroting?

Nature is always calm, with an embedded balm.

Sight of happy valley, nothing like an alley.

Muses from this place, is an incomparable ace.

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