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Wonder where to start about this playwright and what to offer to justify the true shades of life. After all everything down to how well the living was and the difference it made to serve some purpose. Well, It is about Ekdal ideology that required its countenance and account of his existence which was challenged, tested and dusted by his idealist friend Gregers Werle, who enters his home to tarnish the lie that embroiled within the Ekdal family. Apart from few re known classic mysteries never tried books that deliver the flow of intended meaning through plays of such caliber which is astounding in my honest opinion. My favorite line is “Oh, life wouldn’t be so bad in spite of everything all we poor wretches need is to be left in peace by those damned bailiffs who turn up on our doorsteps brandishing the demands of idealism”. Thoroughly promising fare and highly recommended read for sure.


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