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If you are a travel mendicant with a flair on asceticism than you have picked the right book. Is this book about the recluse lifestyle and ethnographic lives of Hindu renouncer in India? Not exactly, but it covers a wide spectrum of solitary sages take on life. I found this book while fishing for ascetic Sadhvi (Women Hermit) but introduced to various Aghori (Post-Mortem Ritualist), Saiva Sadhus (Lord Shiva followers) and the ten Dasnami Akhar family (Community). As per its historical rendering the explanations on Kumbh Mela (pilgrimage) and the metaphorical topics invoke interest to explore the elixir of mortality. I cannot validate American Historian Wendy Doniger inputs on Hindu philosophy, but Hausner brought a subject which not many have attempted. The following statement is profound with hammering insights – “It is critically important to find the right kind of instruction and to surround ourselves with the right kind of people, in the right place and time”. Now, I am waiting for my turn to experience the immortal scion of the eternal soul.


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