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Each step carries a whole weight,

Not even once earth has complained.

Journeys come and go on time,

Within a span actions are done.

Duration change in perspectives of life,

what is now might alter later.

Reaching is all one cares about,

thus leaving the encounter at stake.

Focus on lesson for an adventure,

see yourself to understand its gift.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

Who is the smartest of All?

It replied saying “See Yourself”,

Do you mean reflected Self?

Ended with a cracked Mirror,

That cracked up a Terror!

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Independence is freedom attained from slavery,

fought consistently and showered in bravery.

The emblem in flag denotes the ashokachakra,

representing the 24 spokes of dharmachakra.

Cultures of India vary in range,

but stays closer with ongoing change.

Diversified nation and runs in democracy,

confronts the idea behind any hypocrisy.

The country with so many beliefs,

citizens supporting and celebrating in relief.

Lot of muses add to its background,

get together to play the sound.

Singing of the anthem on board,

making public rose in their code.

This is the day for patriotic,

away from the hustle of chaotic.

Here we’re alive from the sacrifices,

made by those with a spice.

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