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The story is based on an author ‘John Rothstein’ who has a enumerable fans worldwide. What happens when an addictive reader step in and change the fate of the author’s life? How far the fan would go? I liked the cop portions where the story gets intriguing and learned the reader’s mindset from this novel.

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love or disorder

Three beautiful words,

having the power to make or break the heart,

some try to misuse its meaning,

some act as its end.

Liking or not does not matter for the insane,

It is an opportunity to understand and respect individual thoughts.

Brings openness among those who care,

either makes fall for it or remain lost in the game.

More than expression silences do the talk,

of late persuasive leading the way.

Illogical feelings cannot give the desired happiness,

but if the feelings are true will always come back.

Hurts bad when the proposal gets rejected,

far better than hurting through obsessions.

Love is to give than to get, so try to know the difference and let it go.

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