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Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama

I have come across this book on several occasions in the book shop’s but my interest was laid aside at that time. And here am trying to brood over missing such a rare commodity earlier. This runs as an upliftment memoir of an ascetic code of conduct, existence and its pursuance. From microcosmic to the macro level of spirituality is explained in the layman language. I find Swami Rama’s point of views pensively accompanied by his true quest for wisdom. 🙏


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I am not sure if I am eligible to extract the details explained by Swami Atmapriyananda on this book. But will try to present simple to what’s on it. This book is about the process of renunciation and ascetic manifesto of leading the life. In order to comprehend, it has taken 7 Upanishads such as “Bhiksukopanishad”, “Avadhuta Upanishad”, “Jabala Upanishad”, “Turiyatita Avadhuta Upanishad”, “Katha Rudra Upanishad”, “Kundika Upanishad”, “Parabrahma Upanishad”. Each contains inspiring passages revealing the proponents of asceticism and attainment of Supreme Consciousness (Isavara). It is evidently conceptual and covers topics ranging from ritualism, ceremonials, duality to sensuality. As a prerequisite having a prior knowledge of Vedanta philosophy can be helpful. Then if you ask what will be the takeaway from it, rather investing hours in researching the right Upanishads wisdom, here exists on a single book which can be easily accessible. This statement is mellowing to my ears “Wavering mental waves arising due to thought or reflection, This is the summum bonum of all spiritual realization”. Now, I am under tranquility and hope to normalize as soon as possible. Taste it to experience this beautiful nectar.

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