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Well, I am poignant to have missed this book during its first launch. Because as the title suggests this needs a mathematical skill to configure the debate between a Juror (who is filled deeply with independent statistical theory) and the medical proponent (who has an extensive knowledge towards the probability theory and an eminent in his field). This type of blending is striking, especially when applied to an accused victim in the story line. I guess the author truly fancies ‘Nassim Taleb’ way of analyzing facts which brings fresh insights into the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed this masterpiece and got blown away.


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May be an image of text that says 'Universities Press MATHEMATICS Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number Alfred S Posamentier Ingmar Lehmann Afterword by Herbert Hauptman Nobel Laureate'
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Let me alert my inefficiency in analysis of the value Pi but am delighted to share what mathematical genius have to say about it. The following pioneers Archimedes, Euclid, Ferdinand, Ahmes, Ptolemy, Maimonides, Fibonacci, Srinivasa Ramanujam acumen were highly regarded on this book. Ferdinand defined it as a type of non rational number called transcendental number and Archimedes requested that his tombstone be decorated with a sphere and inscribe the Pi detail on it. Some historical facts will baffle the findings of this mysterious number such as its presence in the Old Testament of the Bible and Jewish philosopher Maimonides describe its ratio of the circle diameter to its circumference as unknown origin and so on. Fibonacci was the first to introduce a Hindu number system followed by Srinivasa Ramanujam who established several formulas for calculating the value of Pi and had to wait for the advent of computer to configure its complexity. Do you know March14th is celebrated as a Pi day in the USA and for more details check on this source – Http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi. And many have phrased poems on this number which is amusing to me, perhaps to do with the way it is treated. I am sharing Ramanujam message which I find truly humbled and shows his passion for the Mathematics subject. When a meager person like me can find some solace from this book, then,imagine what it could do with the Math erudite. It is informative and engaging, highly recommended read.

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