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I chanced upon this book from the Reddit App book groups, but never bothered to check it’s published timeline until now. It is highly commendable to foresee the life of a nightclub singer during that period (1935), from juggling between 3 different lover’s throughput a governess who is flipped into poverty whereby carries a better judgement on the opposite sexuality and acumen of life. What happens when these two character meets is the crux of this story line. The flirting of Tony and Pettigrew tickles the bones unlike the intimidating nature of nick which causes annoyance. I believe it is petty to miss such a satisfying cocktail experience. Simply go for it and cherish its hilarious moments.


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The nuances of a childless couple in the countryside and their affinity is covered in a bold manner in this book. The characters Kali and Ponna is etched like a tailor made clothing for the author perceptions. Ironically the way society operates can be too intimidating and freedom-less, so this is what is offered in heavy portions bridging the various folkloric tales. It was Nallayyan’s character that leaves an everlasting impression by his fearless nature towards life. Perumal Murugan chose a subject that is either controversial or conspicuous to the readers. Also,not many would like this story and the end is left to the reader’s interpretations which causes an unsatisfied feeling.

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love or disorder

Three beautiful words,

having the power to make or break the heart,

some try to misuse its meaning,

some act as its end.

Liking or not does not matter for the insane,

It is an opportunity to understand and respect individual thoughts.

Brings openness among those who care,

either makes fall for it or remain lost in the game.

More than expression silences do the talk,

of late persuasive leading the way.

Illogical feelings cannot give the desired happiness,

but if the feelings are true will always come back.

Hurts bad when the proposal gets rejected,

far better than hurting through obsessions.

Love is to give than to get, so try to know the difference and let it go.

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