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After Arthur Conan Doyle and few Agatha Christie series, this is the old detective novel that infatuated me. Being a fan of mysteries I tend to read any books that fall upon me; although most of the recent ones keep you on the edge, it is the old ones that deserve the credibility for its vernacular usage and lexicon nuances. There isn’t a rush for character introductions, but will hold your attention to the story till the end. Professor Stub’s character reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and his nephew Andrew to Watson! Totally loved the verbosity and amusing exchanges between the characters. 😊


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Need for a hassle free life?

From theory of a demanding strife!

Matured are those who can balance,

Gifted with a luck or valiance.

Night or day goes same pattern,

Feared of ending as a patron.

Dreams are meant to be conquered,

With a constant trial and mirrored.

Name and Fame tag along wherever,

Till the party pulls the lever.

Struggling gives a meaning to action,

Ray’s lead to show its reaction.

Answers are everywhere, to be found,

These are words from the wound.

Give and take is a policy,

Not for those who assume easy.

Avoid the life like a dictum,

Come out of being a victim.

Hope for better in the future,

Don’t see it as a rupture.

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This is my first poetry writing and appreciate your views.

Warmth is your touch while moisture still lingers,

A poignant scene to live for:

Who says this can weaken my fingers,

Isn’t your sheer presence an armor.

The mist of absence is showered everywhere,

Let’s gather round the fire and sing:

Am not sane to build this mare,

We’re like a bird with the wing.

Dreams are shadowing now and then,

Hoping to remain as your prime:

Retribution will come in the hen,

Then be not quiet except use your time.

My soul is waiting longer,

To open the heart to you:

Thus making me stronger,

For your point of view.

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