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I came across this book in the library and made me to snoop which seems like an engaging feast. This book is about developing soft skills on adaptability and understudy. The points highlighted here were easy to comprehend with simple examples taken from the day to day life. What I admired was the flip story at the end of the first portion. The adoption of such creativity is joyful and activity driven. I would recommend this book to anyone wanted a light read and branch out to self help category which serves the purpose of such books.

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Getting into a job may not be that hard if it is only for survival but those with a vision on life would be surely in search for the pure diamonds. How many people are lucky enough to find the respective job in a single go? Is it important to get into any job before making into that specific dream job? How many of you have questioned these before hitting the right one.

I believe as a start, career should be planned from the very beginning stage of the college. Though career planning gets deferred with the specific countries! For example, in Asian country like India the career drive goes along with the respective parents’ dreams and not with the students alone. This further tag with the most commendable job market and salary at that time.

When a chance came, was allowed to opt for the fashion designing, but ended in choosing a computer application in graduation. This is followed by tons of advice from parents, friends and well wishers. The irony is we also allow relatives to volunteer in choosing a career for us. The persons who are missed must be rickshaw walas, kabbadi walas and kachada walas. One may not see a connection here, but the point is career paths are so tricky that one literally spends less time in going for a proposed course. Most of them waste energy in understanding other points of view except knowing ourselves.

Hence, proper analysis must be done in terms of choosing right interest and career path. To do so, the total education system needs to be revived out by the responsible people and the parents should remain unbiased. Therefore, I would advise that every student/career seekers should explore upon new ideas for which the basic system must bring an awareness program. In India the Education System is bookish oriented than research based, thus leaving students to be biased with their career options.

Regardless of many online resources, new age media opening up and throwing some shine about this problem, still people are confined to their own preconceived notions. So it is important to cover more number of population with this agenda. To be precise….

Instead of asking jack of all trades, be master of your career”

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