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Will I get a chance to meet up this favorite author in the near future? It is a Herculean task to furnish thriller plots with rationale details which the author Keigo Higashino has mastered by every book of his release. One may find the plots since his ‘The devotion of suspect x’ to be cordial with culture and modern aspects of life and I truly believe that this is his style at its best. Well, coming to this story which is about making the perpetrator to admit his scandalous act that carries two different homicide case and finding the killer who has taken his life. Although sounds like an open shut case but the execution process is what steals the show. What happens when you bring the physicist Yukawa’s help to solve the mystery must be read to get the stimulating effects. I am counting on his next offer the soonest the merrier.


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I got this book recommended by the writer Mathrubootham from “The Hindu” Sunday magazine column. I am a huge fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and happy to have read a story containing him as one of the characters. It is a spy thriller with an enormous details about the mandalas and the Buddhist Shambala. The story is immaculately driven and pensively guided till the end. Except for the Moriarty part which was imposed in coercion and find it yanked. Overall a nice cliffhanger for the spy fandom.

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Thoughts lined up for the quest,
from vast collection of data,
slow down the passing rubbles,
intellect is waiting for its call,
quarrels the dubious mind,
and sneaks the uncertainty,
emotions curl at each other,
from the thrills of twists and turns,
get released from this body complex,
let the enquiry window open,
crack the secrets of the universe,
hidden behind the I the supreme consciousness,
thus smiles the ‘That Thou Art’ (Tat Tavam Asi).

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The void of incompleteness,

Urge to nibble on the edge,

Pursuance sneaks to triumph over,

By paralyzing the hype of pondering,

Retrieve the deeply seated intelligence,

Through the conjunction between the body and mind complex,

There exists the awareness globe “I” for its ever illuminating vigor and pan-sophist traits!


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