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Each step carries a whole weight,

Not even once earth has complained.

Journeys come and go on time,

Within a span actions are done.

Duration change in perspectives of life,

what is now might alter later.

Reaching is all one cares about,

thus leaving the encounter at stake.

Focus on lesson for an adventure,

see yourself to understand its gift.

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Wakes up to work on a Monday,

Never it struck about plans on Tuesday,

Sequence set was felt like last Wednesday,

Nobody can tell what lies beneath Thursday,

Time flies like a wind on Friday,

Leisure and Sports take over on Saturday,

Cries with each passing minute on Sunday,

Ends with an opening of yawn Day.

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Do you know vikaas topped in class exams? His parents do not give freedom like we do?”

The morning opens with an unannounced comparison showers that goes on till dawn and even camp for days. Sometimes wonder if the word unique exists in nature or got buried under the dictionary vocabulary. The skills do not require any mirror to reveal its talents similarly having seen others capability do not decide our purpose.

The leniency provided to others view weighs more than our own. Where to look at this problem and was it all imperative? Society abides by certain laws and operates it in a pattern which very few bother to take a risk of experimentation. The look has to be changed for in to get some effect and can be done through an open awareness program. It does not mean there should be an agenda, perhaps can present the solution through an existing visual media, that certainly has an outreach, thus avoid projecting as a new initiative.

Nobody could predict the future of computers until the silicon valley brings in rapid technological advancements. The point being allow the thoughts to try out new things and let it get expanded. What it unveils is a big mystery, not everything in this world is bought with money. There are people who stay uncompromising to get some answers for their quest of knowledge.

Having a uniqueness is a gift that has to be nurtured well. How many have watched Olympic games? Well, this is the first time have seen it in detail and have missed earlier telecast. That was because the focus was deviated on academics and the knowledge towards activities became narrowed down. Those who win medals are trained for years to get what they want and have never seen their countries giving importance for their achievements like our country.

When North Korea could not win the medals, the ruler commanded them to work in mines. So imagine where our country stands in terms of freedom and put it in right use. Uniqueness means cultivating thoughts on being inquisitive, efforts in practice, accepting the change, admittance in outcome. Those who follow this mantra will surely win laurels.

“Be the first diamond egg among the bunch of other golden eggs and ordinary eggs”!

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