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This is a magnificent portrayal of Peter Handke’s mother whose suicide raises many questions of her despondent outlook on life. His visions of finding the mystery are sculpted with at most precinct amid this faded world. Every word of his mother pierces the fainted-heart and flashes the fate of a purposeless existence with agonizing attributes. In all of this Handke’s revelation about his mothers keen on reading books evokes necessary muse. I feel sorry for those who had to face the wrath of Nazi political party and make sense of how this could have impacted normal lives of certain people. Totally dashed by the author for his true insights and writings which could have been buried, forgotten if not for his efforts to bring it up. It deserves more applause, standing ovation and many recognition to reach wider audiences, this is what I honestly hope for this confounding book.

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Did I finish reading this book? It is really hard to believe that I was when am breathing every word of this author journal. Firstly, existing with an illness is not a joke and notice my own reflection at many battling places. Secondly, Having the right and enlightening doctor is pure luck considering the conditions and gruesome functionary of the medical world. When Dr Najar diagnoses Susannah from her drawings of the clock moved me so much that can’t express in words. A big applause and standing ovation for the entire medical community who have involved to diagnose this rare illness and saved many like Susannah’s.

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On multiple occasions, I was breathing the metaphors used in this book. As a chronic illness sufferer, I could reflect on Paul’s battle with illness and his quest to find out different books on the subjects gives a hope that, I am not alone. It really made me to realize all of the hard work that goes into being a neurosurgeon. I recommend this book for anyone looking for intimate, meaningful and thought provoking read. I am sharing an excerpt from it that stole my heart – “I had spent so much time studying literature at Stanford and the history of medicine at Cambridge, in an attempt to better understand the particularities of death, only to come away feeling like they were still unknowable to me”.

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This book is about Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and was diagnosed with a terminal illness – pancreatic cancer. It offers many wisdoms into his approach as an academician and his morality is echoed throughout. Well, I thought its contents to be a memoir sorts containing battling details but turned out different and quite preaching in my honest opinion. This thought provoking statement in the book “Luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity” has absorbed me and will remain to stay forever. A very heart wrenching tale and had made a strong impact on me.

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I admire the author views on the analysis of a snail species and as a tool to represent the solidarity with a purpose. It made me realize the therapeutic effects offered for those with the illness and thus shine through the elements of hope when warranted. This book is like a reflection, study through the props such as “snails” and a journey of survival and perseverance. The gastropods is a term I learnt anew from reading its contents and embrace such valuable inputs. This statement is so true and suits well for the person like me – “It was perplexing how in losing health I had gained something so coveted but to so little purpose”.

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No matter what illness and wellness is endured by those who have experienced the taste of various pains. And this is what Porochista Khakpour has offered in her memoir sorts which is penned as a proclamation containing the detail of the suffering, questioning the diagnosis and its further prognosis. There are many resonating scenes that shines through the value of maneuvering and never disposed from sharing the introspection. ‘Sick’ is less sickening and more of a bruising fact sheet, an indeed a great booster.

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The bombardment of cell signal for a hurting partner,

joins the nuclei of the membrane by lever,

sensory trapped inside the inner core,

beg for the release of monster roar,

vigorous tests endured its gear,

hmm gestures never ending fear,

at last cost an arm and leg to clear you

unannounced and unbearable pain!


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