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I chanced upon this classic book of George Orwell with a hope of knowing whether this falls under a memoir of schooling or perks of being a book reviewer or inputs on childhood experiences well, what if this is all combined together. The author had embarked on a self discovery to pen down his vivid memories with a powerful tool of simple language, witty humor and inspiring rain of thoughts. His highlights on the amount of spending over books cuts to the chase without any lengthy lecture or preachy advice. This book is an eye opener to get accustomed on different classic books where the choice of words is more gratifying to read. Now other books by the author are calling my name to tryout so count on me, Here I come.


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Source https://www.facebook.com/ForReadingAddicts/photos/a.153715111423931/1735610586567701/

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I have read Debbie’s book called ‘Quiet girl in a noisy world’ and her views deeply reflect on the pictorial illustrations. And she knows what to offer to the catered audience and I think she has done her job perfectly well. The nuance of a couple’s life is depicted beautifully on this book. Starting from proposing to marital status is toasted with extreme care and precision. I admire the humor elements discussed in here and could relate myself at many places. I loved it to the core and feel satisfied. 🙂

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I had a nostalgic feeling of similarities to Nancy Drew series while reading this book. But of course with a bundle of Sherlock Holmes style of deductions underneath. The story is about a murder of the staff Miss Bell which will be solved by the two students of the Deepdean school. It’s refreshing to see the map of characters and the other details are pleasingly potent. Especially Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong were loquacious and inquisitive. Overall had a nice alumna experience.

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The title of the book made me to scan its contents and have to admit its picturesque flow without any interruptions. If the interest is on the road trip with a dash of humor in place, then this story is drenched inside out. Most of the parts are about Allen’s life circled around encountered people en-route. His affinity towards vodka and boldness actions display his knack ideologies. Had a pleasurable time with this book.

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Wifey – How about gifting me a Perfume?

Hubby – First, Allow me to get Groom!

Wifey – Won’t you like me being Spume?

Hubby – Hope, I don’t emit a Fume!

Wifey – I was dreaming about a Womb!

Hubby – I forsee you in the Tomb!

Now wifey vows “Till death do us Apart!”

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cash worry

The girl checked the Tiara,

The boy wonder about Viagra!

Butter stared at the Milk,

Girl chomped burger in Bulk.

Milk comes with a Shake,

Boy choked the Bundt Cake!

Boy cashes and say “Take”!

Girl’s reputation was at Stake.

Outlet waited for its Money,

Pocket’s debated to get Runny!

It’s a cash and carry world but feels swash and worry curl’d!

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