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Am I deserved to share the inputs of this book considering the author is in fact, famed and credited for delivering the data on food adversaries. It is not new to pin point the politics of food industries, but bringing the necessary changes and privileges requires execution of affirmation which is what is discussed in here along with the places for improvement. Well, I can understand views on carbs-phobia which everyone can easily relate to. But tying the taste buds and replacing meats with plant based alternatives where the ingredients loaded with unknown preservatives raises the true intentions of the food authorities. We the consumers at large are neglecting our social responsibilities to express the motto of such actions and time to get back to our traditional practices. Hope that Marion ideas will be heard and get recognized as she frequently suggests “Vote for the forks” must be the true slogan for the better sustainable ill free living.

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It all started by checking an organic food store in Chennai, India. Initially could not understand the millet varieties they were selling, but after doing some online research wanted to give a try on them. I have read a few millet recipe blogs that literally blown my taste buds away. It is amazing to feel how millet’s can replace our regular recipes by giving more fibers and other minerals with less carbohydrates.

Traditionally in India, many millet varieties were used by the country people. Let me, explore the recipes and wish me a bon-appetite.

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