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As a fiction aficionado wanted to explore the nonfictional counterpart and gave this book a try. I could not believe that, I have completed this book in a single sitting. It is about originating the reservoirs of the bats in lieu of Ebola outbreak. Starting from collecting data from the affected areas to performing various tests is explained to the points. Varied researchers and scientists opinions are shared to present their point of views on their findings. The following statement from the book is still echoing in my head and indeed an intriguing excerpt – “Don’t imagine that these viruses have a deliberate strategy, Don’t think that they bear some malign onus against humans. “it’s all about opportunity”. They don’t come after us. In one way or another we go to them. We offer them opportunity to infect us when we mess with their reservoir hosts, whatever those creatures may be.” Highly informative and engaging read.

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