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It is always fun to read a mystery book with elements of interesting characters, twisted behaviors and unpredictable endings such a storytelling keeps me on the edge. This puzzling feeling is something I look into whenever I lay my hands on thriller novels. However slim the case may be apparently vary in execution styles. After all benefit of doubt is where the entire playwright weighs upon. Here comes this story which ticks all the above points and feeds the curious reader’s mind. What more to ask? To be honest, Agatha is well versed in articulating characters that are unique, mysterious and irresistible to fall in love. This is how I could interpret her creativity and hope to have made a reasonable impact to lure you sneak into her works. If you deemed so, than share your thoughts on this book.


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The only graphical stories have read were tinkle series, Debbie Tung’s and now Sarah’s world of illustrations. This third installment talk about the growing internet trolls against the creative people. As a small time jewel designer it is so painstaking to present the work and embrace the critique. Moreover, the amount of time spent on online publishing squeeze in, on top reading of uninvited glitches pierce the faintest heart. Just imagine the outbursts of the current creative artists and their sufferings are unspoken off! Sarah does a fine job of revealing the shades buried underneath and pat on myself as a contributor of such demanding work.

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The awakened feeling surpasses any treaties,

walked away like a whales spermaceti,

rigged up deeper gloats the sleeper,

huh, says the dreamer!


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The virtue of life plays sound with a cacophony of immaturity,

Forever illumines glitter of the lord and remain silence on its purity,

Sleepless tosses and turns underground where inner reaction fears the insecurity,

Hail an active observer on the ground by escaping the phony posterity,

Thus, gloats the macro cosmic vitality!


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