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I came across this book in the library and made me to snoop which seems like an engaging feast. This book is about developing soft skills on adaptability and understudy. The points highlighted here were easy to comprehend with simple examples taken from the day to day life. What I admired was the flip story at the end of the first portion. The adoption of such creativity is joyful and activity driven. I would recommend this book to anyone wanted a light read and branch out to self help category which serves the purpose of such books.


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This would be my first book on autistic theme and can understand how demanding can it get to the respective family members. The title of this book inspired the South Indian movie makers to film a movie and that’s how it led me to check this original sourced book. Let me be honest, this book offers more than the movie counterparts because of its theme alone. The start of the story has kept the suspense elements intact and that is the selling point in this whole novel. I like the description of the Christopher character in detail and happy to see less of theatrics. I thoroughly admire this tale and feel so delighted.

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Focusing skills are very important aspect of understanding process. It goes in hand with listening and retaining the absorbed information from a communication. In order to do so, one must actively listen to what the other says. Most of the times people pretend to be part of a conversation but at the end would not assimilate the required information. This is because, any communication, sharing that last proposed time limit of grasping might divert peoples attention and make them tired. So, in order to keep people focused, include activity or visual presentation oriented sharing of information to achieve the end results. That’s why we could see many business meetings have a presentation as a way of communication.

Talking will be nice to others as long as it does not make them bored. So try to develop talking that can make others engaging and listen to others too. Observation is the key rule for healthy conversation. Think this way many have this extempore talking because they can make you listen to them. So all I say is take ur talent to oversee the negatives and slowly come out by paying attention to others.



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