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From the buzzing sounds of nature,
silences lead the way,
orifice of internal passage,
endures the deep thoughts,
inspires you to crawl and learn,
until dug into the infinite path,
ahead find the vision of effervescent,
negate illusion on the line,
choose the imperial ones,
which reveals by its own god particle “I” the illuminated awareness.

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The void of incompleteness,

Urge to nibble on the edge,

Pursuance sneaks to triumph over,

By paralyzing the hype of pondering,

Retrieve the deeply seated intelligence,

Through the conjunction between the body and mind complex,

There exists the awareness globe “I” for its ever illuminating vigor and pan-sophist traits!


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Recently i came across a program on the Indian star plus channel and shocked to find the truth about toxic foods. India is a developing country, population wise it is highly challenging to cater the needs for all. In order to meet the cultivation needs, farmers have started using pesticides to get more quality oriented foods leaving the permanent scar of these pesticides into the foods that are consumed.

There are many agricultural institute boards that exist to check the permissible levels to use for the cropping perhaps it goes in sane. The most important for the farmers are to crop them for a business purpose who do not bother about the implications of the consumers. It is disappointing to know how these farmers are trying to grow organic foods for themselves by giving pesticides foods to the general consumers. Further to this, some of the cashew-nut growers are spraying with a pesticide called “Endo sulphan” that causes lots of poisoning incidents around the world. You can get more information from this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endosulfan.

I think some of the farmers are to be educated towards use of pesticides free cropping. It is a responsibility of the consumers to select organic foods for our families. By increasing the demand of the organic foods, shall hope to find more pesticides free foods in the near future.

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