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Letters flowing like a river, words grasping from its silver.

Sentences urging for a line, context flashing like a sign.

Paragraphs rising in the number, stoned or not with lumber.

Thoughts dancing like a star, thus stays between the spar.

Commands to ink in bold, a talk worth as gold.

Hence the unspoken words”

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Each step carries a whole weight,

Not even once earth has complained.

Journeys come and go on time,

Within a span actions are done.

Duration change in perspectives of life,

what is now might alter later.

Reaching is all one cares about,

thus leaving the encounter at stake.

Focus on lesson for an adventure,

see yourself to understand its gift.

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Wakes up to work on a Monday,

Never it struck about plans on Tuesday,

Sequence set was felt like last Wednesday,

Nobody can tell what lies beneath Thursday,

Time flies like a wind on Friday,

Leisure and Sports take over on Saturday,

Cries with each passing minute on Sunday,

Ends with an opening of yawn Day.

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