As the title suggests it is a manifesto presenting the art of staying lonely and combating hardships of leading the life. It isn’t a space, fictional romance flick rather surprises you with unexpected twists and turns. The names of spaceship “Infinity” and “Eternity” deserves special mention as it provokes to question ones conscience. I feel the Romy character to be abundant while the other characters do justice as imparted. Truly gripping and highly addictive imho.

This story is about a boy who loses his mother, dislikes his father for getting remarried and envious on the arrival of his new stepbrother. It starts as a regular drama which moves into a fantasy land and ends up inculcating the importance of various psychological phases of one’s life. It cannot be limited to a youth alone genres because it has some spookiness mood as well. I have found a great mirror of self analysis through this book and hope the same for everyone who does.

I have become an ardent fan of Ashwin Sanghi books and completed 3 of his books from Bharat series within this month. His details to historical artifacts, folkloric and semantic is reverential to some of his works. The latest book trumpets on this count and have been bowled over again by the veracity of the content. By taking the true political scenarios such as doklam issues, foreign trades and adapting further is inspirational for the new creative writers in terms of content development. And this is what Ashwin has proposed in here and had given his best shot. I am proud to be a mere hawker of this great book. 😉

Did I finish reading this book? It is really hard to believe that I was when am breathing every word of this author journal. Firstly, existing with an illness is not a joke and notice my own reflection at many battling places. Secondly, Having the right and enlightening doctor is pure luck considering the conditions and gruesome functionary of the medical world. When Dr Najar diagnoses Susannah from her drawings of the clock moved me so much that can’t express in words. A big applause and standing ovation for the entire medical community who have involved to diagnose this rare illness and saved many like Susannah’s.

My experiment with programming language using the old style of coding skills proves to be futile. Here I was trying to upload new posts on the blog and ended with erratic loading issue. This taught me to keep up to date with the basic knowledge of the font settings. In the process changed my passwords twice to somehow make it work, but finally got it through.

A big thanks for the author to have shared a copy of this book and thoroughly delighted to present my staggering insights. It is a simple tale of whodunit story with an interesting unfold of the events through the character of Lucy. Her relationship with Lord Adair is touche and the ghostly Aunt Sedley tickles the bones. Loved it and totally worth it. 🙂